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Easy 3 Step Hockey Backboard System


Step 1: Cut your plywood if need be.  Make a plan and work your plan to suit your rink width and fasten with 2″x4″s
as per picture below.

Easy Wrap Around Backboard System. Just add TRU Corners for the complete look! 

The Backboard Braces are the Series 2 Classic J-Brace. Order them separately for fastening your backboards with integrity and strength. These braces not included with the rink kit and not to be confused with the amazing 5 in 1 J-brace which are rink frame, rink building freedom  included with 2200 to 9985 series rink kits.  Shown just below in the fall…. our backyard backboard set up complete with Series 2 backboard Classic Steps 2&3: Stand it up using 2″ x 4″ s to hold your plywood in place and then fasten them together. Depending on the width you may need to do this in several sections. Then use 2″ x 4″ angle supports as shown to add integrity and strength.

Step 4 (Bonus):

To add the wrap around section as shown above just prepare and assemble using 1 piece of plywood. Safety is paramount, so do cut your plywood, backboard wrap around, on a 45 degree angle as shown and support from exterior sides with 45 degree angle supports.

Puck board


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