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2 Additional Fast Steps and Success with Moderate Slope of 5”- 9″

There are no additional costs for a moderate slope, just follow these extra two steps after the four initial steps from the gentle slope guide.

1. Add a second tier in the end or the side where your water is highest. This is one of the easiest solutions to handle with our backyard rink assembly system and the J-Brace 5 in 1 rink stake.

2. Now take out the 4 screws in each J-Brace 5 in 1 rink stake and pull your amazing J-Brace 3″- 4″ higher out of the ground until the top screw holes on the  J-Brace 5 in 1 rink stake face matches up to face of the new second tier of wood framing material. (do this one J-Brace at a time and refasten)  Re attach your 4 screws and you have now bound the top and bottom tiers together. No extra materials needed.

Elapsed time: 5-8 minutes for about 10  J-Braces and no need to order any thing extra.

Now place your liner flap over your new second tier and again temporarily re secure with liner clips.

Start you water flow again. When the water is completed flowing and you have at least 2-3” of water in shallowest area, secure the liner over the top on the outside of the frame towards the bottom of your rink framing.


If you have a slope of more than 9″  and you are having difficulties you need to call our incredible support team 1.800.448.6648 or see our 2 Step, Easy Deep Water Support  You Tube Video.

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