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On this page you will learn our product names along with typical placement.

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Dasher40″ x 41″ white Puckboard

Sill Cap, Sill Band / TEP (Top Edge Protect) – 1.5″ x 48″, 3.75″ x 48″, 5.25″ x 48″

Kickplate – 5.25″ x 48″, 5.25″ x 96″, 7 7/8″ x 96″

Red Line / Blue Line (Line Kit) -9″ x 6″, 9″ x 8″, 9″ x 12″ 

Vertical Stripes – 1.5″ x 48″

Wall Corner Bracket – To give you the rounded corner look while holding your Dashers into place. 

Colored Corner Cap – To cap your corner set up for the Ultimate finished look.



Learn the “names” before your order to

assist you in getting the right items!

Puckledge Wall Description 


Wall Corner Description 



Basement Rink, Rec Room Rink , DIY basement rink