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How to Repair Your Ice Rink Liner

Underwater Patch Kit

We have saved our white rink liners in the past but remember these following points to ponder. White ice rink liners and replacement ice rink liner tarps come in rolls or folded neatly. When you are done with them for the season, the larger sizes are hard to fold up small and store as they were when you received them.

While in storage they are susceptible to other forms of damage like mice eating holes or cats/dogs or children playing near them. Make sure they are stored properly and many years are probable when using the Liner Protection System.  We have had a mouse chew a hole through our liner while stored improperly and have heard many a story relayed to us the same.

When using the white patch tape make sure the cut/ gash area is dry. The white patch tape bonds best above 5 degrees. The patch tar sheet bonds best with heat. You can work with it in cool temperatures but a hair dryer and or a heat gun will bond the tar patch to your poly. CAUTION. The heat gun can do more harm than good. It can melt the entire section of white poly and actually make your situation worse. Do not hurry and keep away from your area by at least a 16″. Test the warmth from your heat gun at your liner to insure it is only warm and not hot. Remember you are simulating the suns rays. Hair dryers are our recommendation but you are simulating the sun here as well so you may need to actually hold the hair dryer above the patch area for several minutes. Time it! Test the edges to see if it peels off.


Here is the scenario if you have an unsuspecting puncture or tear.

1) Set up frame.

2) Lay your rink liner or replacement white ice rink tarp .

3) Fasten all your framing materials. (plywood or 2″ x 10″s etc.)

4) Turn on hose and fill.

5) 15 hours later wonder why rink is not filling.

6) Wade through water with shoes off (very cold) to locate hole. After finding or not finding hole(s) decide to replace.

Repeat steps 1 through 4 again. You decide what works best for you!

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