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Why Houseleague Hockey Players Benefit from a Backyard Ice Rink

DSC00713Improving your hockey performance is very important when it comes to practicing outside the arena and working on your skill development at home. Even shooting a puck into a net would make a difference, especially when you have the advantage of having ice handy and get a feel for using skates when shooting. This is a great improvement compared to a dirty paved road, old running shoes and a hockey stick you’ve grown out of a long time ago.

As you get older and continue to play house league hockey, you get less practices you get as a team. Research shows that an average player gets only about 20 seconds of puck possession each game, some players not even getting a chance to touch the puck. Sometimes players only get one shot every two games!

This proves that hockey players need more practices to work on specific parts of a game, as well as certain defense and offensive skills that will be used in every play and game. Using your imagination and an open mind, you could have the ability to learn new things and strategies with the puck.  With a variety of skating, stick-handling-training, pivots, slapshots and more, your hockey skill level and stats will grow!

So training is good, but sometimes feels hopeless if you don’t have the right training equipment and accessories for this outdoor winter activity. We provide the right training tools for your hockey needs, as well as fun for the whole family and the improvement you need for this hockey season. Are you ready to embrace the winter and take your game to the next level?

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