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Line Kit



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Will enable you to achieve lines with out lines. These board markers are cut from red and blue puckboard allowing you to have lines with out “burn out” on your ice surface from the traditional embedded blue and red lines. This line kit can be used with Top Edge Protection (T.E.P. in 5 colors) and they also fit perfectly into place in line with your L.P.S. by inserting them into the appropriate red line blue line distances and fastening them to your boards.

They are reusable line markers just like the arenas. A simple and effective way with screw assembly and they stand out perfectly. Comes with screws.


Ice Rink Line Kit 12 pieces. 6 Top Edge inserts and 6 L.P.S. inserts. Complete with colored matching screws. Just Line it up with your Liner Protection and fasten them on. Good times come with red lines and blue lines. Every stride is a smile.

Made in Canada.