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Underwater Goo (Liner Patch)


Canadian Dollar Pricing

Underwater ice rink  liner patch called Water Goo is specific for patching all cuts slices punctures in your liner after you have installed your frame and liner and know where your mistake was made.  This is the Ultimate underwater ice rink  liner patch.  This is simply the best underwater ice rink patch we have ever tested. And now we are offering it to you.


We’ve called it Water Goo. Finally an amazing underwater ice rink and pool patch solution.

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For years an excellent underwater ice rink liner patch has been on our list to find. We have now discovered one that fits our criteria for excellent.


Simple to use as a tube of toothpaste. Clean the  area around the puncture and squeeze out the amount needed into the troubled area below water level if necessary.  Feather the edges with moist finger and within a short time it will have cured. Very impressive. It’s white in color and  perfect for the bottom of your rink or swimming pool as an underwater ice rink puncture patch. If you are diving down to the bottom of your pool make sure you warm it in the sun first so it squeezes out easily.  Warm it by your heater in the winter.  This will allow you the time you will need the to feather the edges.