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Price it and on Budget

Best rink on the block in your basement or your backyard? Both? The following prices will allow you an easy and approximant calculation to set you up on budget.

Please be advised that all 4′ and 8′ product will be trimmed by 1/2″ to qualify for best shipping rates.  

Basement Rink APPROX. RUNNING FT. COSTS (“all Services” means drilled and countersunk and beveled edges where applicable.) ***Prices are subject to change*** 

  • Sill Cap (Top of 2″x 4″ if needed) @ 3.75” W x 4’L   $4 per running foot approx. (this product has one edge beveled but is drilled and countersunk. Can be ordered plain)
  • Sill Band shown on the face as a red stripe/band   @ 3.75” x 4’L  $4 per running foot approx. (this product has one edge beveled but is drilled and countersunk. Can be ordered plain)
  • TEP $1.25 per running foot approx. for your vertical goal lines or any top edge of a 2″ x 4″ when turned on it’s side. (actual 2″ x 4″ is 1.5″ x 3.5″) (this product has 2 beveled edges and no drilling)
  • Puck Board 1/4″ white  48″ x 48″  white $16.25 per running foot.
  • Puck Board 1/4″ white 40″ x 41″  (best shipping $ for this size as it does not qualify as an over size package)  $15.75 per running foot*
  • Kickplate in 1/4″ x 5.25″ W  x 4′ L all colors $3.00 per running ft. plain w no services 
  • Kickplate in 1/4″ x 5.25″ W  x 4′ L all colors $3.25 per running ft. beveled only   
  • Kickplate in 1/4″ x 5.25″ W  x 4′ L all colors $4.00per running ft. (all services)
  • Kickplate in 1/4″ x 7 7/8″ W x 4′  all colors $5.00 per running ft. (plain)
  • Colored matching screws    $13/100 bag 1.5″     $11/100 bag 1″ 
  • Gate with custom colors to match your creation.  $375. 
  • Self closing, 2 way heavy duty hinges $ 149 pair w screws (supports 140 lbs)
  • Plexi like sheeting $18.48 (per 4′ section)

The above pricing are approximations only. This gives you a starting point for budget purposes.

*** Please see the description heading below for more prices and product details***


More Prices and Product Details:

Prices above will changed based off the service levels chosen. Not sure of the service levels desired?  Basically 2 levels are available.

1. Plain (this means you would drill and bevel to your specifications)

2. DCR is the acronym for Beveled edges, drilled and countersunk screw holes so your screw head becomes flush to the material at 16”OC.

Prices for services are for your  approx. quote. Plain is available at a lesser cost. Plain means it would be a straight piece of material in the size your require based on the sizes available from our website.

*Regulation in many jurisdictions are 42″-46″ Puck Board heights. As noted above best shipping is 1/2″ less than regulation minimum height. You may add Sill Bands and/or Kickplates to make up this difference in your final product. When assembling your basement rink it is advisable to fasten your Puck Board 1″ – 2″ off the floor using a chalk line as a guide. This is done due to imperfect cement floors. The result becomes a straight top line of Puck Board with just a minimal gap at the floor which would be then hidden by your Kickplates.

We always suggest when budgeting that you add another 10% for items you may wish or costs not included in your quote.

For best results a perfectly level site is desired. Both outdoor on grass and indoor on cement have their own different characteristics. Neither are perfect.

We do not include wood costs as your outdoor rink or your basement rink needs may vary depending on your vision of your project.

Hope this helps out. Let us know if you have any thoughts, issues or discussion.

Your resident rink GURU….Brian Young.

*** Please note: The prices listed above are your starting point. Create your rink, your way from there!  Prices and Products are subject to change without notice***


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