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Patch Tape 2″ X 150′


*Please note Covid: UPS and FedEx may experience delayed shipping times.


NEW White 2″ wide x 150′ roll.  Tape for puncture or gash patching.

Shown is a bag full of water holding a 6″ gash without leakage.

When using this patch tape in cool or cold weather use warmth to assist in the adherence.

Hair dryers may not offer the amount of heat you need and therefore a heat gun may be your only option.

Heat guns are very hot when directed at a piece of rink poly and often a distance of 12″ away from the application point is necessary before turning it on. Monitor the liner when heat is applied and if it starts to dance you are too close. Check the distance between the heat gun and your poly and remember more time and less heat produce the best results. ALWAYS TEST THE HEAT AND DISTANCE WITH A SCRAP PIECE OF POLY FIRST AS IT IS CRITICAL TO GET THIS CORRECT.

Check your tape patch by trying to peel back the corners. If they are stuck it will resist your peel.