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Rink Kit Standard Sizes


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Rink Kits to turn your backyard into your playground.

Stated Rink Kit sizes are the maximum size you can build your rink and are based off a leveled site.

The liner included in your kit is 2′ wider and 2′ longer to allow for your up and over wrap.


Select a Rink Kit size below to see pricing and the included contents per package.


Remember, we supply the  5 IN 1  Rink Stake approx. 1 per 12 feet of framing. If you need more, then please advise on your order or by phone. You will need more if your site is not level, has a grade or slope.  This is a Contractor Approved product for ease of assembly and functionality.


Note: Please scroll down for tips on handling a slope.


Oversized Rink Kit  Great ice rink kit set up and important advice. Our Rink Guru Says….

No artificial here, and only 100% ULTIMATE.  If you want to pay more that’s your business, if you want to pay less it’s ours!



“I did much research  on this and you have the widest selection and are able to handle almost any site situation. You share the information rink builders need and quality products for handling slopes and every rink builder has one. You supply a stunning outdoor rink fairly priced”   

  •  Kevin         Georgetown    2019


Watch our ice rink kit videos below on how easy it is to assemble, how to handle a slope in your yard, plus additional footage on the strength and durability of our world class poly liners. If you are looking for the best ice rink kit or ice rink on the block then we can help with the accessories to make that happen too!! Read on for a critical piece of advice.


Here is some slope and rink site advice simply stated. Over the length of 50′ of your rink site with a 1% grade or slope (not noticeable to the naked eye) your elevation will drop 5″-6″. This means if you use a frame material set up of less than 7.5″ you will set your self up for water flow over in your low area. This is why we recommend 2″x 8″ framing material as a minimum for your basic set up and likely a 2″ x 8″ won’t be enough either. This is why you will need to check your slope. Do not under estimate the importance of this step. Just saying.  Educate your self with the video titled “5 Way Rink Stake, Shockingly Simple” It is just above and the 3rd video of 3.

Keep in mind the following are general guides for your Rink Stake 5 in 1 placement. At each seam where your rink framing material meets end to end is your starting point. Then the following:

15″ – 18″ of water requires a Rink Stake 5 in 1 and a 22″ Support 45 every 2′

12″ – 15″ of water requires a Rink Stake 5 in 1 and a 17″ Support 45 every 3′

8″ – 11″ of water requires a Rink Stake 5 in 1 and a 17″ Support 45 every 4′-6′

5″ – 7″ of water requires a Rink Stake 5 in 1 every 6′-8′ (no Support 45 needed)

Up to 4″ of water requires a Rink Stake 5 in 1 every 10′-12′ (no Support 45 needed)

Pick your choice of board material. We love the 2″ x 8″ and 2″ x 10″ concept but it has been shared with us our product works with almost all rink board materials including plywood. You are investing in an ice rink kit and ice rink concept for your backyard,  for family and friends, and for years of outdoor winter time fun and recreation. We will supply you with the guidance and the product to get it done right. Great advice after 31 years of history and experience.

We also have larger, oversized rink kits.