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Ice Rink Squee Gee 24″


We have discontinued  the Ice Scraper 20 due to your shipping costs on this item. They have increased to over $50 per scraper to ship therefore putting their cost to you including shipping at over $100. Simply put, the value no longer exists.

Due to the crazy up and down weather that takes place in our current winters we have introduced a new item. The Ultimate Squee Gee. This can be shipped very reasonably due to the availability of the Squee Gee without  handle. Just add an old broom handle from your closet and it’s done. We can ship these 2 pieces, the Squee Gee and the Grate PuckgoRound (set of 4) together easily in any rink or accessory order.




The Ice Rink Squee Gee is 24″ and just attaches to your broom handle. It just fits in a box with the balance of your order. Use it to remove the water from your ice surface during mild spells and rain.  It enables you to remove water when temps go up and rain comes down.  Where does the water go you ask? You will squee gee it towards your Grate PuckGoRound.

Start by using the Ice Rink Scraper to clear your surface of any unwanted imperfections. Move your way around your ice surface from troubled spot to troubled spot swishing away your excess water.  Remember that even if your surface is not to perfection after your squee gee and a freeze then a light flood with water from your Ultimate Flooder will have you back in game shape.

Be the Ultimate Rink Master! …..and you do it right here!  The title of rink master doesn’t come easy. With at least a quarter of a century of experience the guru at Ultimate once again is leading the way with innovation and quality products. Ulti mate your Grate PuckGoRounds and our 24″ Squee Gee for the Ultimate Combo.

Ice Rink Squee Gee


JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW that your rink was used 24/7. It became the place to be. Barbara Harding, Maine

YOU GUYS come highly recommended for guys that know how to build and maintain a backyard rink!!!
Patrick. Williamsville N.Y.