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Ice Rink Flooder


Canadian Dollar Pricing

The Ultimate Flooder and Smoothing Cloth

The Ultimate Rink Flooder ice resurfacing and smoothing tool is like your own mini Zamboni. Water control valve included on the handle! Our NEW cloth comes with Velcro-like fastening and elastic over the end caps for easy on and off when it is time to wash.

Assembly is required as your package will include 32 plug and play pieces. This item is NOT shipped already assembled to avoid damages during transport.


“So here we are at the Arena, all us Dads.  We are comparing our backyard rinks on our phones…..pretty cool. What’s the coolest is, our outdoor rink is the smoothest and is attributed to the amazing Ultimate Flooder. Thanks. Now I need to get the T.E.P. and the L.P.S and those Corner Seats.”

  • Eric – Toronto, ON


Check out our video below to see how to maintain and handle fluctuations in weather resulting in a smooth ice surface all winter long. Less work, more play!



Ice Rink Flooder with Water Control Valve and Smoothing Cloth

Our Ice Rink Flooder features Grey P.V.C. piping with double thick, walled piping in critical places, like the shaft, to minimize flimsy bending. The main, “T,” is also double wall thickness. The water disbursement piping has all the holes drilled in critical areas to get into hard to reach corners minimizing your flood time and maximizing your results.


Assembly is required as your package will include 30 – 32 plug and play pieces. This item is NOT shipped already assembled to avoid damages during transport.


Includes water flow control on the handle for the ultimate in ice re-surfacing. Turn it off, turn it on, or turn it waaaaaayyyyy down!!! 

Keep your backyard ice skating rink surface as smooth as possible with our Ultimate Flooder. Inspired by Walter Gretzky and the Gretzky Rink Rat in 1981. The Ultimate Outdoor Rink original design will save you time and effort by maintaining your backyard rink. It can be used with a towel for ultra smoothing.

After a serious climate weather blast, just pull out your Ice Rink Flooder with cloth attached over your troubled spots with warm water running through it and go slowly. The towel size adds tremendous surface for melting those high points (which, of course, run into your low areas) and shortly thereafter, the entire surface is one level. Use it with or without a cloth for ice building and repair. An absolute must for the Ultimate Rink Master in you! Warm water is not a prerequisite for smoothing success as tap water is already 5 – 9 degrees warmer than your ice surface.

This product is almost 3 times as fast as a regular spray from the hose when using it with the cloth. The actual time line to flood a 37′ x 57′ rink with a hose nozzle is approx. 1 hour and 10 minutes. The actual time to flood a 37′ x 57′ rink with The Ultimate Flooder is 27 minutes. These times vary and may take longer depending on the water flow and how much pressure you have.

Now Available: The Ultimate Flooder Wide! It has an extra 11″ in flooder width, totaling 43″ wide (cloth included)

The Regular Ultimate Flooder is 32″ wide (cloth included)

Assembly required on both products and both are made of P.V.C.

This video is all about prevention of a terrible surface….

See our 2nd Video Ice Rink Maintenance 101 “After the Storm”

Testimonials From Our Fans

“AMAZING SERVICE and great products! I used your Ultimate Ice Rink Flooder last year and I was done in 15 minutes! With a surface that was as good as you get for an outdoor rink.”

  • Gord – Waterloo, ON

“AWESOME BACKYARD RINK PRODUCTS… I am so glad I did it! Thanks for the advice and the awesome products and fast shipping. Love the Ice Rink Flooder and the puck board corners too!”

  • Jim Lethbridge – AB

“YOUR BACK YARD ICE RINK PRODUCTS ARE well thought out, functional and reasonably priced. Thanks for making it all happen for us!”