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Plexi like Plastic Sheeting (pricing per 4′)


Want the Plexi Glass look with out the extreme costs?


We have the product for you!


Product specs:

54″ H x 48″ L x .012 gauge thickness. As a comparable note ice rink poly is approx.   .0055mil

Pricing is based off 4′ lengths.

Example: when ordering if you select quantity of 4 you will receive 16′ of product.



This Plastic sheeting gives you the shine and resemblance of Plexi glass at an affordable cost.


Use it on the wall in your bedrooms (as shown in the product picture), rec rooms and so much more!

This product needs to be fastened to the wall in between vertical replicas of posts/uprights and may need a top same as vertical uprights dependent on the look you want.