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4′ x 8′ Puckboard Sheets for Walls & Boards

4’ x 8’ (48” x 96”) White Puckboard quantity prices available. Please call for pricing and shipping options. 1 800 448 6648


Puckboard or Arena board for Rec Rooms and Backyard Rinks are Canadian made high quality with some U.V. protection. If you are using outside for your winter rink season we will be offering full U.V. protection for a 10% surcharge on all red, yellow and white material. They are available in 1 piece or many pieces. Price breaks for full 4’x8′ Puck board sheet quantities are available.


We also offer Puck board drilling, counter sinking and edge beveling services. Prices will vary depending on options chosen.

Below are links for other puckboard products for your basement or outdoor rink.


 Sill Cap, Sill Bands

Kickplates, Top Stripes

4’x8′ puckboard sheets for walls and boards

easily shipped dasher wall panels and boards


Puck board Sheets

Puck board sheets can be shipped in 4’ x 4′ sheets with Fed Ex or UPS. For best shipping rates we inventory a 41″ x 40″ dasher puckboard size as well. If you are within driving distance of our shop, your puckboard order may be picked up. See our Kickplate dasher, top stripe color options as well.  All puckboard options are Canadian made quality with some U.V. protection. If you are leaving your puckboard outside on a yearly basis then please advise us as we will need to place a special order to accommodate your needs. A 12% additional UV. charge will apply.

Please use the comment section to make a clarification on your order if necessary.


**** Imperfect Lawns

After 25 years of building rinks in every setting, on every surface, in every weather condition and handling a myriad of sloped situations we understand what it takes in your backyard. There isn’t a perfect yard anywhere unless you have spent time on it. Shims, lifts and fills are a normal phenomena. Dips and hollows and slopes are a regular occurrence. CHECK YOUR SLOPE AND YARD. SPEND TIME ON THIS ONCE TO SAVE YOU SOME GRIEF PREVIOUS TO YOUR ASSEMBLY PROCESS. We have been advancing the art of backyard rink making for 31 years. We know!! We can answer any question you may have and direct you with professional advice and not to just make the sale.  Don’t let anyone try to twist your arm into believing you just lay your rink accessories in the grass and expect a perfect out come. Not going to happen because it’s an outdoor space and there are many variations in  and on your property that will require shims and lifts and some adjustments.