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With Covid in the air you may be inclined to spend more time at home. Choose outdoor rinks or our new indoors Sports Room concept with all the colored trims and authenticity of the real thing but in your smaller space.

Cash and Carry rink liners

If you pick up your liner and pay by cash you can save 10% on your order. *This discount applies only to our liners*

Specials are below…..  but first a few words about Ultimate: Why is the Ultimate Rink “ultimate”?

Everything we do has the rink building experience in mind. Everything product we dream of, create and introduce has several things in mind. Your success!!! It would be perfect if every rink site was perfectly level. Unfortunately this is not the case. Actually, 95% of all backyards have a slope, grade, unlevel area or otherwise some issue that throws you a curve ball in your assembly process. This is why you will need an Ultimate Rink  System. The system that works for varied sites is one that can be tailored on the fly if you misjudge your slope. That’s Ultimate. The 5 in 1 Rink Stake gets the job done and is the start of everything. It is rink building freedom. See Video below called 5 Way Rink Stake, Shockingly Simple!

*****Recent Real Testimony*****

I’ve ordered a big liner 40x 80 from the ultimate rink and couldn’t be more happier. The product is unreal and the service is top shelf. Brian and his team went above and beyond to get my liner when I was getting the “runaround” from the shipping companies. I highly recommend Ultimate Rink to anyone.



Director of Marketing & Communications

Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Thank you for your continued business. 

We are dedicated to serving you while we relentlessly pursue our passion for North American made quality products with exceptional value. Many products are manufactured by us and for us exclusively , and all of our products are shipped directly from our facility.

The Ultimate Rink Achievary. 

Nothing says you care more about your family and their well being, their mental and physical health and the opportunity for sunlight, fresh air and a certain love for the outdoors. The roots for a happy and balanced life are indeed planted in the variety of life you can afford your family. My wise brother once said “the more experience you give your children at a young age the more prepared they are for life at any age” When you consider that you can build a backyard rink for less than a pair of premium skates it all comes into perspective. Let us partner with you for your Ultimate.


 Get the Ultimost From Your Ultimate With These Specials

1. Purchase 6 steel Classic Series 2 Rink Stakes for fastening your end to end side framing material and then purchase your Liner Protection around your entire rink. This a “Presto Install” item and features Liner Protection  in a completely different way.

See our Video/pictorial, coming soon titled  “Presto Install Classic Rink Stake” showing the speed of this install at an approx. time of 2 minutes per foot after your original one time preparation. The one time preparation includes installation of your white puckboard roll on the inside of your rink framing. It never gets removed. Then assemble the balance of your frame….just watch our pictorial in the gallery to the left when you go to this page.

Presto Install Classic Rink Stake

Series 2 Classic Rink Stake for liner protection out side the frame….next step add your outer frame guard. This eliminates punctures and keeps your water contained. Works best when site is within 3″ of level.



top edge protect

3. Water slide poly for the summer????  Sizes 10-12′ and up to 32′ long for as low as just $20.

Water Slide Poly Ultimate Rink


FURTHERMORE…..We GUARANTEE our 5 in 1 Rink Stake will last forever. If you are not happy just return them within the year, no questions asked. It’s that simple!!!! Call the office at 1 800 448 6648 for any questions or feed back at all.  We love to know how to make it better. Anything!


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