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Simple Trick That Absolutely Anyone Can Use To Force A Turnover

Here is a trick that any player, regardless of skill level can do to trick the other team into giving up the puck. You will be amazed at how simple it is.

I was once battling another player in the corner and one of my teammates yelled at me to let me know where he was. All he said was “Younger” (my nickname). My opponent promptly passed the puck directly to my teammate. After the turnover as we were skating up ice, the other player said to me “how did he know my name?” As it turns out, the other player also had the last name Young and so his nickname was “Younger” too.

So that’s the secret, when the other team has the puck, call for it as if you were on their team. Using the opponent’s nickname will be more effective, but a simple “Ya” or “Here” will do. I should know, I’ve fallen victim to this myself. Even high level players will fall for this, I’ve done it to others and had it done to me. On one occasion I can remember falling for this trick and passing the puck directly to the opposition with none of my teammates even in the vicinity. When I got back to the bench, my defense partner knew what happened. His exact words were “he called for the puck didn’t he? It’s so embarrassing when that happens.”

Calling For Pass

There are a few small things players can do to improve the chances of this working:

  1. Use the opponents name or nickname if known
  2. Call for the puck when the opponents back is to you
  3. Call for the puck when the opponent has their head down or isn’t looking
  4. Be in a location where the opposing team is likely to be in support of the puck carrier, that way it is more natural
  5. Call for the puck, don’t tap your stick on the ice

So that is it. A quick play, absolutely anyone can use that can quickly and effortlessly lead to a turnover.

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