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Environmental & Our Liner Facts


Here we are, 30 years since we started our fantastic backyard rink business. Thanks to you all for your support. It gives us great pride when every day we hear someone who says “you gotta call the team at Ultimate Rink”. Who says that? Other rink builders, your co-workers, your rink building neighbors and the guys on your rec team or the dads at the rink.



Our Ultimate Liner is easier to work with and you only need your rink to be filled once. Let’s face it! Why spend more. If, however you want to save it for reuse you can.  Continually we speak to our rink builders that have used their liners for 3 years.

Our product takes a skate blade or shovel the same way every other liner does including 6 mil. They all get cut and sliced and diced above the water line if unprotected.

We could stock  6 mil, but after 30 years, and after trying them all including 4 mil, 6 mil, 7 mil we choose to stick with our hair shy less than 6 mil product. This was done after careful consideration and thoroughly researching our options many, many years ago. Our mission was to supply BETTER VALUE!!! And we have now done that for 30 years. 

One of many testimonials……

I HAVE AN OUTDOOR RINK EXPERIENCED FRIEND and he says your liner was comparable to ones he has seen at twice the cost. Keith Jameson Mi.





Another Ultimate Rink first! This is all about best practices to reduce your environmental impact after enjoying your ultimate rink.

After the amazing rink year we had last year and the environmental concerns we all have, the number of inquiries asking about recycling liners continues to grow. We have done some home work and here are our suggestions.


  1. Save your liner. There so many possibilities for smaller liners. Not so many for larger liners due simply to size. Liner Protection Options
  2. Our rink poly is pure 100% polyethylene
  3.  It rates as a no. 4 on the chart of recycle materials. The no. 4  category indicates a recyclable material.
  4. Your recycle program driver may never know what the number is and therefore it may be wise to mark your liner accordingly with a permanent marker as follows…..”Recycle material no.4″
  5. Throwing the entire liner in your recycle bin would be impossible so we recommend the following a) If you have a blue box program, cut in it strips approx 4′ wide by 30 feet long. Fold it lengthwise and roll it up as tight and as small as possible. Do this every week until you have disposed of it. This allows your recycle guys to handle it professionally.  b) if you have a big road side disposal bin then you can do the same but perhaps place several rolled up sections in each pick up.


If you would like to save water and fill your rink as economically as possible the following suggestion is valid. For those of you that build your rink close to the house. Hook up a down spout and a horizontal spout that drain rain water into your rink box. Get a start on it so you can take advantage of all precipitation in the fall. Watch the weather report and when there is a good soaking coming get your liner and spouts ready……..and of course your rink box  🙂


Down spout backyard rink fill