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Sun Shield for Center Ice Logos


Sun Shield virtually eliminates solar melt caused from center ice logos.



This is a must for your fabulous selection of Centre Ice Art characters to personalize your masterpiece of a rink. Yes! Yes! Yes! The best rink on the block! Cheers to you and your success! We are glad to have helped!

OOPS! Got carried away there!

In short, the Solar Ice submerged below your ice surface, just above your Centre Ice Art, magically reduces the temperature by at least 7 degrees. While you are not using your rink, we have to offer you 2 pieces of puck board, that are bevelled on the edges, which will sit on the ice surface while it is not being used. This would become your Sun Shield and protects from solar melt daily.

Solar melt is when the sun is attracted to any dark object on, or in your ice surface. It causes melting and ruins your surface.

We have prevented solar melt with this tandem of products. Video is here NOW!!!