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Top Edge Protect *Presto Install*


Canadian Dollar Pricing

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3 Per Package

Top Edge Protect

Our Top Edge Protect (TEP) are 1 1/2″ x 4′ Puck Board strips, 1/4″ thick with drilled, countersunk and beveled edges to cap your rink frame. They come 3 per package and are available in 8 colours which include: Black, Toronto Blue, Detroit Red, Bruin Yellow, Gray, Yellow, White, Black.


This is a Presto Install accessory!


What is a Presto Install? An accessory that takes little time and effort when assembling your Ultimate Rink. Indoors or Outdoors!



“THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN! Your outdoor rink plastic liner saved the day. My dog jumped off the porch and it held. No Punctures.”

  • David Keegan – Boston, MA

“Here I was having a coffee and surfing the net. I discovered your outdoor rink site and I knew I had arrived. You have thought of everything. Awesome!”

  • Robert Teahen – Chicago, IL


Made in Canada

Top Edge Protect Details

After these strips are cut, drilled and countersunk, some may become warped while waiting for shipping in the holding container. Since they are flexible strips, they screw on straight. Shown in the Photo Gallery above is our Liner Protection System and 7 other ways to use Top Edge Protect. Use TEP to add bling to your backboards, your corners and, of course, your top edge. Use as a TEP stripe outside of your frame at ice level and a double stripe across your backboards to highlight your favorite team logo. Get the Ultimost from your Ultimate. As always we create flexibility and versatility in everything we do.

Get the Ultimate with Your TEP

Our Corner Seats come in 4 colours (black, blue, red and yellow) and our PuckGoRounds (available in 6″, 8″ and 12″) are the perfect combination for the Ultimate look. The Corner Seats have added UV in them so the sun will not fade your amazing array of colours.  These items are drilled, countersunk and beveled for easy install. Complete your “real rink” look with coloured matching screws!

Real Rinks for Real Yards!

If you want the look and feel of a real rink in Your yard, TEP allows you to achieve the finesse that you are after, protect your liner and you can even use matching coloured screws to see your work come together right before your eyes. Bring out the Ultimate Rink Master in You!