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World Class 7-Ply Gold Standard

7 ply ice rink poly guaranteeWhy is our World Class 7 ply Rink Poly the NEW gold standard, but it’s white?

The factory has just spent many months re tooling and have upgraded to their new state-of-the-art production facility giving us the opportunity to offer this amazing 7 PLY product.
Whats’ new and still the same?

  1. NEW 7 ply factory welded layers guaranteed.
  2. Same 6 ml thickness we have offered since 1992.
  3. Same massive amount of U.V. as seen in our “9 Month Thumb Test” video.
  4. Same built in Stretch Factor.
  5. Same built in Rip Stop.
  6. Same amazing cold crack resistance to -45

What does this mean to you in simple terms?

Lightweight, easy to work with and a strong, tough, dependable, multi year liner, bar none and this is the most important when you are building a big rink!!!

We are going to ice your world!!

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